Monday, September 29, 2008

I think I broke it... toe that is. because... I am... da biggest klutz in da world. This did not start out to be the most enjoyable of days. I had to get up before 8am (that's uber early in my universe) and I had a run in with a ginormous basset hound. Yeah, that's what I said. Damn dog is like a brick wall. He ran in front of me while I was walking, I hit the marble floor on all fours (it was a sight to behold) and sat there stunned. As the day progresses I'm beginning to feel more and more like the crypt keeper as I'm pretty sure if I move too much one of my limbs may actually break off. Well, anyway just thought I'd give ya something to visualize and laugh at. Oh, and yeah, it's swollen and it hurts to put any pressure on it at all. Guess I better go buddy tape that bitch. At least it's not sticking out at like a 90 degree angle or something... LMAO


gingatao said...

A ginormous basset hound! Haha. Were you sober? No more foot massages for you for a while.

psychobillygirl said...

nope I was positively sober, so you can imagine what happens when I'm drunk... If you don't believe it you can ask the queen. this kinda idiotic crap happens to me all the time, but at least i have an amazing sense of humor about it! LOL