Saturday, August 23, 2008

A Friday Morning Conversation with the Queen

Texting as I drove to work:

Psycho: "Tequila...Tekillya...Good morning Sunshine!"
Queen: "LOL. Have I ever told you that I don't like my boss?"
Psycho: "Let's see...Umm...not today, no."
Queen: "ARRRGH. Today I wish I was Lancelot and could just hike my leg on his door..."
Psycho: "Hey, if you go temporarily insane and that actually happens, please have enough sense to at least video that shit!"
Psycho: "Is it martini time yet?"
Queen: "It was two hours ago. Now it's whiskey and ugly drink time."
Psycho: "NO wonder I just woke up like an hour ago. I must have gotten trashed at the early morning cocktail hour..."
Queen: "See what happens when you drink in your sleep?"
Psycho: "Damn that Ambien sleepwalking. The other day, I woke up with my face in a bowl of popcorn..."
Queen: "Dude. Be careful or you will end up on Dateline..."
Psycho: "I guess that's slightly better than Springer"
Queen: "Depends on the crowd you run in... Springer can elevate your white trash status sometimes..."
Psycho: "Yeah, but I'm waiting for my mail order midget to arrive. I don't think I'm quite Springer material until that happens."
Queen: "That kicks ass! For sure when it arrives we should have a party. I will bring the EZCheeze and Ritz crackers..."
Psycho: "Sweet! I'll make some trashcan punch and buy enough pork rinds and twinkies for the whole neighborhood!"
Queen: "What are you gonna name him?"
"My brother wants an Alpaca. I think he's weird."
Psycho: "Harley. Where the hell is he gonna keep an Alpaca? My boss said I can keep my pygmy goats on her land."
Queen: "Where the hell are you keeping a midget?"
Psycho: "Lets just saywhen I start wearing skirts all the time, you will know that he has arrived..."


Anonymous said...

Haha! That last line is a killer. Please can I come to that party. Please. This cracked me up, a wonderful start to a hungover Sunday, thankyou,

Queen of the Universe said...

ROTFLMAO. Okay, I don't care who you are, that shit is funny. Even the second time. We should take this act on the road, we are fucking hilarious.


Yeah and in case any one missed it, my brother is weird for wanting an Alpaca but we are TOTALLY normal for wanting to party with a midget. Or two. Dude, maybe I could get a Hobbit? That would be SWEET!

Anonymous said...

Hello, just dropped by to knock on the door and make sure you are okay. Missing you.

Queen of the Universe said...

ok, this is even funnier now or we are totally insane...

Anonymous said...
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