Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I miss the days of tripping, dipping, swaying, loving, weaving, breathing, just being,
replaced now with one dull flatline of silence.
Ever waiting for the other proverbial shoe to drop.
It's fallen with a harsh thud so ungracefully from the sky on so many occasions, only to be yanked up swiftly by it's everlong lace, that I rarely even startle when it hits me in the head.

I miss the colors of the waves and breezes, the taste of the sunshine that emanated from her lips, the joy of weightlessness, floating freely above the trees, just living.
And now I stand, feet mired in the pallid clay as I dissapate into the stagnant air,
molecule by molecule.
Sort of Escher-esque, in a way, I suppose,
only much less purposeful.
I wonder how long until I cease to be?
Energy can be neither created or destroyed?
I beg to differ because it's happening now.
Fuck the laws of Thermodynamics.


Wine and Words said...

I lost a shoe in the scuffle of my life. I ran out on myself and left a battered shoe somewhere in the wake of sorrow. Searched hard for it too, so as to round up all the litter I created. Sweep the mess under the rug. Cover it with chit chat and shifty eyes. But out there ...still....the shoe. Lost sole was not to be found, and my mind turned from it, as if it no longer mattered...what I left.

And then the faint whistle. From heights unknown, hurtling through space like a meteor that will wind up in a museum surrounded by black and white photos of it's devastation. I hear it and I fear it and there is nothing I can do to stop the hurt I will cause...when the other shoe drops.

(Wrote this a couple years ago. Feel better Psychobilly. Nothing lasts forever. Not even pain.)

psychobillygirl said...

Thanks for the encouragement. I've recently begun to read your blog and really enjoy your wordsmithing. :)

Queen of the Universe said...

I love how visual this is: "molecule by molecule.
Sort of Escher-esque, in a way, I suppose,
only much less purposeful"

The Tame Lion said...

The blogger above (Queen of the Universe) had said what I wanted to say... sometimes I'm a bit slow....

ifeanyi okike said...

Great writer